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Versatile 1K water-based finish at best value. Excellent for renovations and new installations!

LOBADUR® Viva, the worldwide proven single component water-based finish – now available in North America! Its formula offers outstanding resistance to plasticizers from woodflooring adhesives and many proven benefits. Outstanding application qualities, high resistance to chemicals and abrasion combine to make LOBADUR® Viva the perfect partner for both renovations and new installations of hardwood floors.


  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Very good resistance to scuffing
  • Powerful resistance to plasticizer migration from wood flooring adhesives
  • Easy to use, no foaming or lap marks
  • Fully cured after 5 days
  • Very low in emission, awarded the EMICODE® EC1 label
  • Full “Connected Systems” approval


Special feature:
LOBADUR® Viva is compatible with all Connected Systems approved wood flooring adhesives from Wakol. This gives you maximum security for renovations and new installations, as chemical reactions between finish and adhesive are eliminated.

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Range of use:

1K water-based finish for wood floors. For normal to heavy traffic in
residential areas and light commercial use. Excellent for renovations
and new installations.


  •  Sand and remove dust from the surface properly
  •  The use of a primer is recommended (e.g. LOBADUR® EasyPrime)
  •  First coat of Viva with LOBATOOL roller Microfaser 100-120 (or T-bar, Trim Pad, Lambswool, Brush)
  •  Allow to dry for 2-3 hours
  •  Intermediate sanding with150 grit
  •  Second coat of Viva with LOBATOOL roller Microfaser 100-120 (or T-bar, Trim Pad, Lambswool, Brush)
  •  Coverage: 500-600 square feet per gallon.


Types of floors


Certified with:

Connected SystemsDIBt-Z-157.10-19GEV-EMICODE EC1Greenlabel Singapore
Item-#: Variante
LO-FI-289Viva - Satin1 Gal.4200<160 g/l
LO-FI-288Viva - Semi-gloss1 Gal.4200<160 g/l

High-quality one-component finish for domestic use

WS Viva is suitable for a wide range of rooms. It is used mainly where the floor is subject to medium to heavy footfall and there are high requirements for clean indoor air. It is perfectly suited for...



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