LOBA pigment system for staining

LOBA became the first supplier of surface treatments and coatings for parquet and hardwood flooring to introduce an easy-to-use system for staining parquet and hardwood floors. Since then countless floors around the world have been beautified with LOBA stains.

This staining system is ideally suited for open-grained hardwoods such as oak or ash. These woods take stain well, producing especially attractive results.

The LOBA pigment system offers a wide range of colours, including exotic wood tones. Thus there is not always the need for an expensive exotic kind of wood. Simply chose a lower priced wood like oak and colour it!

The Products

For varnished floors



LOBADUR® ProColor for the professional staining of nailed or glued parquet and hardwood floors.

LOBADUR® ProColor is available in the following colours:

Artikel-No.ColourPackage Size
11012Bilinga0,75 l
11012Jatoba0,75 l
11012Kambala0,75 l
11012Mahagoni0,75 l
11012Papyrus0,75 l
11012Räuchereiche0,75 l
11012Schwarz0,75 l
11012Sucupira0,75 l
11012Transparent0,75 l
11012Weiß0,75 l
11012Wenge0,75 l

LOBADUR® ProColor Downloadable documents

LOBADUR® ProColor - Safety Data Sheet
LOBADUR® ProColor - Technical Information

LOBADUR HS 2K IntensiveColorA.T.

LOBADUR® HS 2K IntensiveColorA.T. – The colored 2C High-Solid oil-based primer for wooden floors.

LOBADUR® HS 2K IntensiveColorA.T. is available in the following colours:

Artikel-No.ColourPackage Size
11053Transparent2,5 kg
11053Classic Grey2,5 kg
11053Ebony2,5 kg
11053Golden Oak2,5 kg
11053Weathered Oak2,5 kg
11053Special Walnut2,5 kg
11053Sedona Red2,5 kg
11053Provincial2,5 kg
11053Mesquite Red2,5 kg
11053Jacobean2,5 kg
11053Gunstock2,5 kg
11053Country White2,5 kg

LOBADUR® IntensiveColorA.T. Downloadable documents

LOBADUR® HS 2K Intensive/ColorA.T.Safety Data Sheet
LOBADUR® HS 2K IntensiveA.T.Technical Information 

LOBADUR® HS 2K IntensiveColorA.T. - Technical Information

For oiled floors

LOBASOL® HS 2K ImpactOil

LOBASOL® 2K ImpactOil is solvent-free and features a solids content of 100%. This oil enhances the wood’s natural warmth, structure and beauty.

LOBASOL® ImpactOil is currently available in the following colours:

Artikel-No.ColourPackage Size
10610Transparent2,5 kg
10610Transparent0,75 kg
10610Bilinga0,75 kg
10610Jatoba0,75 kg
10610Kambala0,75 kg
10610Mahagoni0,75 kg
10610Papyrus0,75 kg
10610Räuchereiche0,75 kg
10610Schwarz0,75 kg
10610Sucupira0,75 kg
10610Weiß0,75 kg
10610Wenge0,75 kg
10610Antique Oak0,75 kg
10610Chalk0,75 kg
10610Clay0,75 kg
10610Iron0,75 kg
10610Oyster0,75 kg
10610Pearl0,75 kg
10610Sand0,75 kg
10610Silver0,75 kg

LOBASOL® HS 2K ImpactOil Downloadable documents

LOBASOL® HS 2K ImpactOil - Safety Data Sheet
LOBASOL® HS 2K ImpactOil - Technical Information


  • Kinderhaus St. Regiswind, Gerolzhofen
  • World Class Fitness, Fitness Studio, Bukarest
  • Privatwohnung, Dielenboden hell pigmentiert
  • Privatwohnung Eiche braun geölt
  • Altboden neu coloriert
  • Colorierte Buche

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