The success story of LOBA

Our history, is the story of people, their ideas, and their commitment.

1922 Founding
On April 13 1922, Wilhelm Hornung and Dr. Max Fischer found the "Vereinigte Wachswarenfabriken AG Hornung und Dr. Fischer" in Ditzingen, near Stuttgart. Its products include floor stains, ski wax and household candles.

1937 Transformation
The company is transformed into a limited partnership, creating the "Vereinigte Wachswarenfabriken Hornung und Dr. Fischer KG."

1952 Product expansion
The product range expands to include the development, manufacture and sale of paints and varnishes. The company is reorganized and divided into three divisions.

1959 Pioneering work
LOBA launches the world‘s first commercially available thermal insulation composite system, under the brand name Dryvit®, making a major contribution to energy saving.

1971 Change of name
The company name is changed to "LOBA-HOLMENKOL-CHEMIE Dr. Fischer und Dr. Weinmann KG".

1991 New dynamism in the company
Michael Fischer, son of company founder Dr. Max Fischer, takes over leadership of the company. LOBA focuses increasingly on the preservation of parquet, hardwood and cork flooring.

1993 Separation
The division for external wall protection, with thermal insulation composite systems, synthetic resin plastering, outdoor wall paints, concrete renovation, and special coatings, becomes a separate company under the name LOBA Bautenschutz GmbH & Co. KG, in Freiberg am Neckar. LOBA GmbH & Co. KG stays at its headquarters in Ditzingen near Stuttgart.

1995 Innovation
With its two-component, waterbased parquet finishing systems, LOBA sets new standards that remain unmatched to this day.

1996 Split
LOBA Bautenschutz GmbH & Co. KG, Freiberg am Neckar, is sold off as part of a corporate strategy to concentrate on flooring operations.

1998 International expansion
Foundation oft he first foreign subsidary in Poland. Further international activities follow.

Since 2000 Investment and Development
Extensive investment and expansion of sales activites allow further growth in our market share in Germany to 25 percent, despite a recession in the building industry.

2002 Concentration
Separation of the HOLMENKOL division to form "HOLMENKOL Sport-Technologies GmbH & Co. KG".

2006 Partnership

As part of a successful cooperation, Wakol becomes minortiy shareholder in LOBA.

2007 Expansion
Founding of the subsidiary LOBAWakol LLC, Kannapolis, USA, and the “LOBA Representative Office Dubai”.

2009 Innovation:
preventative fire protection
The world’s first low-emission and clear fire-retardant floor finish system is introduced.

2011 Introduction of Advanced technology
Advanced Technology (A.T.) represents the latest generation of LOBA products with revolutionary technologies, innovative raw materials and/or improved application.

2012 LOBA´s 90th anniversary
LOBA celebrates its 90th anniversary and introduces NATURE, the first line of waterborne maintenance products for oiled and waxed fl oors on the market. Market launch of LOBACURE, the new generation of fi nishing systems with on-site UV curing – new standards in fl oor refurbishing.

2015 Investment

Opening of the new logistics and training centre.

2018 Course setting

LOBA becomes part of the international ARDEX-Group. Wakol is majority shareholder of LOBA.

Competence on a global scale

With offices in more than 60 countries, LOBA is a competent partner for surface finishing and care on a global scale.

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