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How to fireproof floors and stairways to meet class B1*


The innovative LOBADUR® WS Sealer FR is a clear, two-component sealer for use with the trusted LOBA floor finish system. This product changes the fire performance of parquet and hardwood floors. Parquet layers, floor fitters, general contractors and builders can now satisfy applicable regulations for fire-resistant flooring. The requirements for wear layer thickness and floor thickness no longer apply. This is especially advantageous in renovation work, where floor thickness is often “critically” reduced by sanding.


The product is applied using the sandwich method:

1 x primer, 2 x Sealer FR, 1 x topcoat.

For retaining the natural colour of the wood

* (as per EN 13501-1 Cfl -s1)fl-s1

Application sketch


The natural color of the wood:

1 x Primer, 2 x Sealer, 1 x Top Coat

Technical Data


Clear, two-component sealer for use with the trusted LOBA system: as two intermediate coats.

Used in combination with primer and finish, this product achieves fire rating Class Cfl -s1 as verified by the MPA Classification Report 901 4598 001-80, Test Reports 901 4598 001- 30 and -40 and Test Report 901 4598 002. Can be used with parquet and hardwood floors made from woods with a raw wood density of ≥ 0.47 g/cm3 (e.g. beech, oak, merbau, wenge etc.).

This system produces a fire-retardant surface in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1 Class Cfl-s1 (certified by Test Reports 901 4598 001- 30 and -40 from the materials testing and research institute MPA at the University of Stuttgart, Otto Graf Institute).

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Downloads LOBADUR® WS Sealer FR - Safety data sheet component A

LOBADUR® WS Sealer FR - Safety data sheet component B

LOBADUR® WS Sealer FR - Technical information

LOBADUR® WS Sealer FR - Official test certificate

Prospekt LOBADUR® WS Sealer FR



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