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  • What is the new LOBACURE system?

    The new LOBACURE system is a new generation of low-emission, waterborne finishes that are cured instantly
    at the building site with the help of mobile UV-curing unit. The main advantage is that there is no longer a waiting period for the finished surface to cure before use. The finish reaches full hardness and usability instantly
    with UV curing.

  • Funded co-operation project: what does that mean exactly?

    Over the past several years, LOBA has been working on the development of a new kind of floor finish in the context of a co-operation project with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In order to qualify for funding,
    the project partners had to develop an innovative, waterborne finish for hardwood flooring that posed no risk to human health and offered maximum reliability and proven durability.

  • What are the surface properties of the finished floor?

    The finish meets all requirements for floors with very heavy traffic. Above all, it is characterised by exceptional scratch resistance and excellent chemical resistance, meaning good resistance to acids, bases, staining foods and beverages and other potentially damaging substances. If an “anti-slip” version is used, the finished floor will also have increased slip resistance in accordance with the German Trade Association standard BGR 181 and DIN 5130, ratings R9 and R10. Coloured finishes can also be used with the UV-curing system.

  • What gloss levels are available?

    WS Rush A.T. is available in semi-gloss, matt and anti-slip versions (R9 and R10). Other gloss levels will be made available in the future.

  • What coverage rate will I get?

    We recommend using approx. 100 ml per m² for each coat. The system comprises a total of three coats.Our time-tested primer LOBADUR® WS EasyPrime is applied as the first coat, followed by two coats of LOBACURE WS RushA.T.. The overall coverage rate would therefore be approx. 300 ml pro m².


  • What pack sizes are available?

    WS Rush A.T. semi-gloss is available in 10L containers. The anti-slip versions (R9 and R10) can be purchased in 5kg containers.

  • For what types of wood can the system be used?

    The system can be used for practically all types of wood. For more information see our Technical Information Sheet for LOBADUR® WS EasyPrime, which can be downloaded here.

  • Can all types of hardwood flooring be treated with UV finishes?

    In principle all types of hardwood flooring can be treated with waterborne UV finishes. When in doubt, however,
    we recommend contacting a LOBA application specialist in advance.
    Please contact us.

  • What preparation work is required when using the system for refurbishing previously oiled/waxed floors?

    As with our other finish systems, the surface of the floor must be completely free of oil or wax residues prior to application in order to ensure that the finish adheres properly to the wood.

  • Is the UV finish waterborne?

    Yes. The UV finish is waterborne, as well as practically solvent-free. The solvent content is less than 0.3%.

  • What benefits and/or differences are there in comparison to standard waterborne systems?

    The main difference is that the finish reaches its final quality immediately after UV curing. As a result there is no inconvenient waiting period for the floor to reach full hardness and usability after refurbishing.
    With respect to the time-tested primer WS EasyPrime and the physical drying of WS Rush A.T., the application of the system is comparable to that of standard waterborne finishes. The only difference is the additional cross-linking action by means of UV curing.

  • What advantages are associated with the additional physical drying of the UV finish?

    When the curing work begins (with mobile UV-curing unit), the UV finish is already dry enough to walk on. Pre-drying facilitates the curing process considerably.

  • Where can the system be used?

    At the present time, the system is approved for use on hardwood and parquet floors. System compatibility with resilient floor coverings, such as PVC, linoleum and luxury vinyl flooring, is still being tested. We ask for your patience.
    As soon as the practical testing has been finalised, we will provide the respective updates at:

  • Minimising downtimes: what exactly do you mean by that?

    Owing to the immediate usability of the surface after UV curing, revenue losses are reduced to the smallest possible time frame. The downtime for most refurbishing projects, as a rule, is at least 3-5 days. This is the time required for a normal finish to fully cure. With this system the finish cures instantly with the help of mobile UV-curing unit.
    This means that the finished floors are fully cured and usable immediately following the UV-curing process.
    The curing process with mobile UV unit is carried out 3 hours after the UV finish is applied.

  • How high is the solvent content of the UV finish? What are its emissions characteristics?

    The new UV finish, LOBACURE WS Rush A.T., is practically solvent free. The solvent content is less than 0.3%. On the one hand, the immediate usability of the finished renovation work is the result of its full curing with UV light. In addition, the emissions process of LOBACURE WS RushA.T. has been so optimally designed that there are no limitations whatsoever associated with any emissions.

  • Where can I find information on case studies or examples of building projects where the new system has been used?

    A list of renovation projects around the world using LOBACURE system products can be found in the LOBA references section. You can filter the projects by product. Chose WS RushA.T. or WS RushA.T. anti-slip in the selcetion button above the project list. More case studies will be added here over time.

  • What are the system components and how are they applied?

    With the exception of steps 5 and 9 (UV curing), the system structure and application are comparable to that of our standard systems.

    1. Surface preparation and priming with LOBADUR® WS EasyPrime (roll on 1 coat).
    2. Primer drying time in accordance with Technical Information (approx. 1 hour).
    3. Roll on LOBACURE WS Rush A.T.
    4. Drying time approx. 4-3 hours.
    5. Curing with mobile UV unit. (NEW)
    6. Intermediate sanding.
    7. Roll on LOBACURE WS Rush A.T.
    8. Drying time approx. 4-3 hours.
    9. Curing with mobile UV unit. (NEW)

  • How is the curing performed along edge areas or on stairs?

    For less accessible areas, a hand-held UV-curing unit is used. These machines are operated much like edge sanders and can also be used for the curing of treated surfaces on stairs. Hand-held UV-curing units therefore represent an important part of the equipment setup required for the use of this system.

  • How are adjacent materials and surfaces (doors, jamb liners, wall coverings, dado panelling, wallpaper etc.) affected by the UV light used for the curing process?

    Owing to the design of the mobile UV-curing units, adjacent materials are only exposed to a low level of UV radiation. There are no negative effects on adjacent materials, such as skirting boards.

  • What effect does the UV curing system have on cork strips and/or acrylic fillers in the separation and expansion joints of hardwood floors?

    The UV light has no negative effects on cork strips or other joint material.

  • What additional costs can I expect to have as a flooring professional?

    UV-curing unit is required for the curing of the LOBACURE finish. Therefore the implicit costs (over the service life of the UV-curing unit) should be taken into consideration in the quotation costing. The exact costs will depend on the financing model, the frequency of use and the imputed margins, which are determined on an individual basis.

  • How long does it take for the additional equipment to pay for itself?

    As with any equipment investment, the amortisation will depend on the purchase price, as well as the frequency of use and repairs. Experience has shown that the costs for DecoRad® UV-curing unit can be recouped very quickly.
    We would be happy to discuss this subject with you personally in order to provide you with more information about amortisation and answer any questions you may have. Contact us at:

  • Why does LOBA recommend DecoRad® UV-curing unit?

    The LOBACURE application system was designed in accordance with the principles of simplicity and reliability.
    In our opinion, the UV-curing unit from DecoRad® also meets these criteria. However, this is only a recommendation,
    and flooring professionals can purchase equipment from the manufacturer of their choice, based on their own special requirements and considerations.

  • How do I purchase the required UV-curing unit?

    The purchase of UV-curing unit is no different than the purchase of a sander. We would be happy to put you in contact with the equipment manufacturer DecoRad®; the actual purchase can be carried out quickly and easily through DecoRad®.

  • Is UV equipment from other manufacturers compatible with the LOBACURE system?

    Yes. Any standard make or model of UV floor-curing equipment can be used with the LOBACURE system.
    However, there are important requirements with respect to UV output and the speed with which the machine can be moved over the floor surface during the curing process. Information on these requirements can be found in the Technical Information Sheets for LOBACURE components.

  • Are there any factors to be taken into consideration in terms of occupational health and safety? What are the associated risks?

    When using the LOBACURE system, the standard guidelines for occupational health and safety must be followed,
    as specified in the Technical Information Sheetsfor our products.
    In addition, the equipment manufacturer will provide special information on occupational safety and health protection related to the use of UV-curing unit. It is important that these instructions and guidelines be followed carefully.

  • Are special training programmes required for learning how to use the system effectively?

    With LOBACURE, one of our aims was to develop a system that could be applied using standard methods.
    There are no special considerations – detailed information, e.g. on drying times, can be found in the Technical Information Sheets. The operation of the UV-curing unit recommended by LOBA is also extremely straightforward. For your first LOBACURE project, the LOBA application engineering team will offer support and provide you with a brief introduction to the use of the UV-curing unit. Owing to the fact that the equipment uses UV radiation, it is also important to observe the guidelines for occupational health and safety provided by the equipment manufacturer.

  • What can I charge my customers for the additional work associated with UV curing?

    The fee charged for UV curing, as for any product or service, will depend on supply and demand.
    However, there is no question that an extra fee must be charged for this additional service.

  • Will LOBA help me learn to use the system?

    Yes. We meet with flooring professionals at the project site to offer support for their first project with the LOBACURE system.

  • How can I ensure that all parts of the treated surface are fully cured?

    Prior to UV curing, the UV finish is dry enough to walk on but has still not cured (i.e. gained its excellent properties). For complete curing, the finish must be exposed to a UV radiation dose of approx. 300 mJ/cm². This required level of exposure can be ensured by using the DecoRad® Floormate at a working speed of 8 m/min. Flooring professionals must also ensure that all areas of the surface are adequately exposed. Re-exposing a surface that has already been cured has no effect.

  • What are the maintenance requirements for UV-cured surfaces?

    Just like the simple and familiar application methods for the surface treatment, the type and frequency of cleaning and maintenance will depend on the use and level of traffic. Our floor-care instructions can be found in our download section. Special floor-care instructions for individual sites can be provided following consultation with the LOBA application engineering team. Contact us.

  • How can UV-cured surfaces be refurbished at a later date?

    Surfaces that have been finished using LOBACURE WS RushA.T. can be refurbished in the same way as other varnished surfaces. There are no special factors to be taken into consideration when refurbishing UV-cured surfaces.

  • Will the LOBACURE system be further developed?

    Like all other LOBA surface-treatment systems, the LOBACURE products will also be further developed on an ongoing basis. In the LOBACURE section of our website we will announce new system components as they become available.

  • What do I have to have to keep in mind when writing tenders, and where can I find appropriate tender specifications?

    In general, the curing work must be explicitly factored into the tender. To assist you in the tendering process, pre-formulated bills of quantities are available in the download section of the website.

  • Where can I find additional information on how to present the LOBACURE system to customers?

    Comprehensive information on the curing of UV surfaces can be found in the LOBACURE section of our website.
    For general or technical enquiries you can also contact us on the telephone number +49 (0) 7156/357-0.

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